Saturday, 28 January 2012

3 things I couldn't live without. D&G, Benefit and chanel are must haves in my make up bag and they definitely make all the difference. I think the worst thing is cheap foundations 3 shades too dark for your skin and leaves you with a thick, painted orange line; whereas this pro lumiere my Chanel blends perfectly with my pale skin(most ranges don't even have a pale enough colour for me!) it leaves no lines and looks natural. I top that off with benefit's Hoola, a bronzer for pretty much all skin tones and types which look greats even if you've got no foundation on! Personally I love thick lashes so anything by D&G or Mac is great for that. Expensive make up is defo best!

Friday, 27 January 2012

Hello All,

The whole blogging thing is pretty new to me (the sort of thing at only perez hilton does). But, I picked up Company's feb issue and for some reason I couldn't put it down all day at sixth form, its inspired me to get blogging. Here's a snap of it and my sixth form outfit.